A Summary

In a series of 8 papers, Crown outlines plans for a decentralised and incentivised application platform that will diverge from current Blockchain technology in a unique and revolutionary way. The final product will be an open and decentralised application platform providing a cryptographically secure method for anybody with the inclination to harness the benefits of the next generation of Blockchain.

Every social or business phenomena is marked by a transaction of some kind. Herein lies the key to truly diverse real world blockchain applications.

The intention of the Crown project is to challenge the current Blockchain paradigm and create an alternative approach to attaining the holy grail of Blockchain, a product of great usefulness to normal people that achieves long term and wide spread adoption through providing valuable services and network security provided by a cryptographically secure and environmentally sustainable method.

The Crown team draws on people from diverse backgrounds who are united in a desire to innovate and a sense that the Blockchain Industry is not innovating as radically as it needs to in order to convince the world that it is better to work with Blockchain than without.

There is a collective belief within the Crown team that Blockchain technology current sits in a position similar to the internet in the 1990s; with great potential but missing the innovations required to make it truly useful. As we learn from the continuing evolution of the Internet, these innovations come in incremental steps. Crown will be an innovative step for Blockchain.

Crown Paper 1.0 – Governance

In this paper the Crown team provides a brief background to the project and introduces governance concepts and outlines how the project will interact with both the technology and the community.

Crown Paper 2.0 – Introduction & Features

In this paper the Crown team introduces the key entities that will form Crown and the design principles that will be used along the development process.

Crown Paper 3.0 – Applications

In this paper the Crown team describes the vision for how applications will fit into Crown and how the platform will allow those applications will be enabled to operate as a business entity.

Crown Paper 4.0 - Combinations & Permutations

In this paper the Crown team explains what makes the project unique and details some of the proposed use models for the platform.

Crown Paper 5.0 - Symbols, Skyhooks & Survival

In this paper the Crown team explains what makes the project unique and details some of the proposed use models for the platform.

Crown Paper 6.0 – Sharing & Open Teams

In this paper the Crown team contextualises the relationship between economic, social and technological change and what this means for technology such as Blockchain. This paper also describes the evolution of the Crown team and project and its immediate aims for the future.

Crown Paper 7.0 - A Personal Story

In this paper, one of the Crown team members describes why he got involved with the Crown project.

Crown Paper 8.0 - Crown Atomic Features

A milestone toward a distributed organization. Countdown to launch here:

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